Zveri (Звери) are a popular Russian pop-rock band who burst onto the Russian music scene with their debut album Golod (Hunger), which received extremely positive reviews in the Russian music press. The group was formed in mid-2002 by Roma Zver' (Рома Зверь), the lead singer of the band. He was soon joined by Vladimir Khoruzhiy on guitars, Kostya Labenkiy on the bass, Kirill Antonenko on keyboards and Misha Kraev on the drums and the group began work on their debut album Golod, released in February 2003. Read more on

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Рома, извини - Звери
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Для тебя - Звери
Танцуй - Звери
Дожди-пистолеты - Звери
Говори - Звери
До скорой встречи - Звери
Напитки покрепче - Звери
Районы-кварталы - Звери
Я с тобой - Звери
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