Tokyo Jihen (東京事変) or the 'Tokyo Incidents' was a Japanese band formed and fronted by the popular rock singer 椎名林檎 (Ringo Shiina). As hinted by its name, the band has a running theme modeled on '60s Japanese pulp fiction. The band debuted in September 2004 with the song 群青日和. Since their inception, Tokyo Jihen has released five studio albums, of which three peaked at number 1 on the Oricon charts. Shiina had always wished to work with a band Read more on

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群青日和 - 東京事変
OSCA - 東京事変
遭難 - 東京事変
入水願い - 東京事変
林檎の唄 - 東京事変
透明人間 - 東京事変
キラーチューン - 東京事変
閃光少女 - 東京事変
能動的三分間 - 東京事変
秘密 - 東京事変
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