5'nizza (pronounced "PYAT-ni-tsa" — Russian/Ukrainian for "Friday") were an acoustic music duo from Kharkiv, Ukraine, consisting of Serhiy Babkin (Сергей Бабкин) (guitar) and Andriy Zaporozhets (SunSay) (vocals). Their music is a combination of soul, hip-hop and reggae performed using mostly acoustic guitar, sung or rapped vocals and human beatbox. 5'nizza formed in 2000, released two official albums and disbanded in 2007, both members embarking on solo careers. Read more on

reggae  acoustic  Ukrainian  russian  alternative  
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Стрела - 5'nizza
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Ты кидал - 5'nizza
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It's over now - 5'nizza
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пятница - 5'nizza
Я С Тобой - 5'nizza
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