1. Afterhours are one of the most popular Italian alternative rock bands. Founded by lead singer Manuel Agnelli, currently Afterhours' members are Manuel Agnelli, Giorgio Prette, Rodrigo D'Erasmo, Giorgio Ciccarelli and Roberto Dell'Era. 2. Afterhours aka Nicholas Crozier Malkin, an artist from Los Angeles (USA) 3. Afterhours was a Celtic Folk band, 1989–1995. They released three albums: "Afterhours" (1988), "Hung Up and Dry" (1990), and "Up To Here" (1992). Read more on

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Voglio Una Pelle Splendida - Afterhours
Male Di Miele - Afterhours
Ballata Per La Mia Piccola Iena - Afterhours
La Vedova Bianca - Afterhours
Ci Sono Molti Modi - Afterhours
Dentro Marilyn - Afterhours
Non è per sempre - Afterhours
Riprendere Berlino - Afterhours
Pelle - Afterhours
Rapace - Afterhours
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