Anne Linnet

Anne Linnet (Born July 30, 1953) is a Danish composer and singer. She has been a successful danish singer and composer since her breakthrough with girl band Shit & Chanel in the mid-70s. Anne Linnets music is known for its frank text, its many changes in style and the willingness to try something new in his music. Besides that, she attracted attention with her very sharp observations and great honesty about her personal life and her sexuality, and she has over time become a lesbian icon. Read more on

danish  female vocalist  rock  seen live  pop  
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Tusind Stykker - Anne Linnet
Barndommens Gade - Anne Linnet
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Glor På Vinduer - Anne Linnet
Lille Messias - Anne Linnet
Tabt Mit Hjerte - Anne Linnet
Jeg Ka' Ik' Sig' Nej Til Dig - Anne Linnet
Smuk og Dejlig - Anne Linnet
Kærlighedens Farer - Anne Linnet
Søndag I April - Anne Linnet
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