Baustelle (a German word that means "construction site" - or "building site" in english) is an Italian indie-rock band formed in Montepulciano, Siena Italy in 1994 initially by Francesco Bianconi, Fabrizio Massara, Rachele Bastreghi, and Claudio Brasini. They didn't receive much mainstream attention for their first two albums, 2000's punk-pop Sussidiario Illustrato della Giovinezza and 2003's La Moda del Lento, though they were critically acclaimed. Read more on

italian  indie  alternative  indie pop  indie rock  
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Il liberismo ha i giorni contati - Baustelle
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Colombo - Baustelle
La guerra è finita - Baustelle
Il corvo Joe - Baustelle
L'aeroplano - Baustelle
Sergio - Baustelle
Alfredo - Baustelle
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