There are at least five artists known as Camille: 1) A one time political science student (aka Camille Dalmais), whose first album, Le sac des filles, was released in 2002. Then, she was part of Marc Collin's Nouvelle Vague project, which consists of old new wave songs transformed into bossa nova. In 2005, Camille released Le fil. This is a concept album, built on one note (a B) that starts at the beginning of the album and stops at its end. All Read more on

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Ta douleur - Camille
La Jeune Fille Aux Cheveux Blancs - Camille
Pour Que L'amour Me Quitte - Camille
Assise - Camille
Vous - Camille
Au port - Camille
Senza - Camille
Vertige - Camille
Paris - Camille
Pâle Septembre - Camille
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