(see Gorki) There are at least two artists with the name Gorky. 1. A Belgian pop rock group (active from 1989-1993 as Gorky, 1993-present as Gorki) 2. An American indie rock group (active from 2007-present as Gorky) 1. Gorki is a poetic yet powerful Dutch-singing group from Ghent, Belgium. They originally operated under the name of Gorky (with a “y”) but slightly changed their name when frontman Luc De Vos reformed the band in 1992. As many Belgian bands, Gorky rose to the attention of the crowd during Humo’s Rock Rally. Read more on

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Mia - Gorky
Lieve kleine piranha - Gorky
Anja - Gorky
Soms vraagt een mens zich af - Gorky
Nooit meer winter - Gorky
Boze Wolven - Gorky
Wacht niet te lang - Gorky
De redder - Gorky
Eisen van de romantiek - Gorky
Engel Red Mij - Gorky
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