Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou (Χάρις Αλεξίου) appeared in the Greek musical scene in the early '70s. Her charismatic voice, combined with a unique way of performing and a strong scenic presence, very soon led her to the top. Today she is still at the top, always working hard, always seeking new ways of expression and always giving prestige and value to the contemporary light and popular Greek music. She has worked with the most important Greek songwriters Read more on

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Gia Ena Tango - Haris Alexiou
Oniro Itane (Live) - Haris Alexiou
O Kipos (Live) - Haris Alexiou
Dromo Allaxe O Aeras (Live) - Haris Alexiou
Ximeromata - Haris Alexiou
O marmaromenos vasilias - Haris Alexiou
Isos (Live) - Haris Alexiou
To tango tis nefelis - Haris Alexiou
Ola Se Thimizoun - Haris Alexiou
Panselinos - Haris Alexiou
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