Jandro is a musician from the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. He is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer who combines melodies with guitars and drums that make for an interesting harmonic mix. He began his career in Los Rhodes and simultaneously began writing songs for the band that ended up becoming what is now called Jandro. He is currently promoting his self-titled album, which he produced on his own account and which is now available on digital platforms. Read more on

indie  pop  rock  alternative  folk  
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И Через Года - Jandro
Ты моя любовь - Jandro
Я помню - Jandro
Любимой - Jandro
С тобой - Jandro
Ты и я - Jandro
Если уходишь, иди - Jandro
Куда ведет мой Бог - Jandro
Пора любви - Jandro
Как быть - Jandro
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