Juli is a German rock/pop band consisting of singer Eva Briegel, guitarists Jonas Pfetzing and Simon Triebel, bassist Andreas “Dedi” Herde and drummer Marcel Römer. This line-up hasn't changed since 2000. The band’s name is German for “July”. They come from Gießen, Hesse. When founded in the 1990s as Sunnyglade, they sang songs in English. After changing their name to Juli and beginning to sing German songs in 2002, they released their first single, Perfekte Welle on June 28, 2004. Read more on

german  rock  pop  deutsch  female vocalists  
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Geile Zeit - Juli
Perfekte Welle - Juli
Regen und Meer - Juli
Warum - Juli
November - Juli
Dieses Leben - Juli
Wir beide - Juli
Wenn du lachst - Juli
Tage wie dieser - Juli
Anders - Juli
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