There are several artists called Lumen: 1) A Russian rock/alternative band from Ufa, 2) Formed in San Francisco, CA by several individuals who collectively despise post-rock. 3) A stoner/screamo band from the Czech Republic. 4) The duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills. See also Pumajaw 5) An electronic/trance artist by the name of Chris Conklin who performs as Lumen. 6) A Portuguese group of folk/celtic/world music. 1) LUMEN is a Russian rock/alternative band from Ufa, Russia . Read more on

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Гореть - Lumen
Государство - Lumen
Сколько - Lumen
Сид и Ненси - Lumen
Мечта - Lumen
Кофе - Lumen
Три пути - Lumen
6 миллиардов - Lumen
Сид и нэнси - Lumen
Бабочки - Lumen
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