Malk De Koijn

Malk De Koijn were a danish hip-hop group active from 1994 to 2002, when they went on a long hiatus. They reformed in 2009 and split up in 2012 Malk de Koijn is a Danish hiphop/rap group. They create a brand new universe of their own, a setting where their songs takes place ; "Langestrand", a literal Danish translation of the famous Long Beach, and "Aberdeen" (not the city in Scotland). Three rappers make up this group: Tue Track (who has also made his own CD under the name "Track72"), Geolo G and Blaes Bukki; all of them Danish. Read more on

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Vi Tager Fuglen På Dig - Malk De Koijn
Sneglzilla - Malk De Koijn
Musclebundt - Malk De Koijn
Kosmisk Kaos - Malk De Koijn
Jernskjorten - Malk De Koijn
Phantastisk - Malk De Koijn
Radion Ska' Kneppas - Malk De Koijn
De Rigtige McCoys - Malk De Koijn
Suppe Steg Og Is DJ - Malk De Koijn
Jim Daggerthuggert - Malk De Koijn
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