Melissa Horn

Singer - songwriter, pop and folk artist Melissa Horn was born on April 8, 1987 in Södermalm, near Stockholm, Melissa got a guitar at the age of 15, it was not long before she wrote her first song in Swedish. She came into the music program at the high school and before she had gone out of second ring tone, first record deal was signed and the tale got its start. After school started filming of Melissa's first songs, during the time she had the opportunity to accompany the opening act on Peter Lemarcs awaited tour in 2007. Read more on

swedish  singer-songwriter  folk  female vocalists  seen live  
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Jag saknar dig mindre och mindre - Melissa Horn
Lät du henne komma närmre - Melissa Horn
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Långa nätter - Melissa Horn
Säg ingenting till mig - Melissa Horn
Falla fritt - Melissa Horn
Under löven - Melissa Horn
Hur ska det gå? - Melissa Horn
Jag vet vem jag är när jag är hos dig - Melissa Horn
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