Mikromusic is a Wrocław - based Polish group established in 2002 by vocalist Natalia Grosiak and guitarist David Korbaczyński, playing a mix of tripp hop and jazz. The two initially performed as a duo, with Natalia responsible for the songs and David for arrangements. The band's formation can be tracked back to 2002 and the Student Song Festival in Kraków, where Grosiak and Korbaczyński successfully teamed up with other musicians to win two awards (not yet under the name Mikromusic) and went on to record a professional demo. Read more on

polish  jazz  female vocalists  nu-jazz  trip-hop  
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Dobrze Jest - Mikromusic
Moje mieszkanie - Mikromusic
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Tam nie ma mnie - Mikromusic
Wigilia - Mikromusic
Sennik - Mikromusic
Słonecznik - Mikromusic
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Pod włos - Mikromusic
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