Mombojó is a Brazilian band from Recife, Pernambuco. They have played many times at the Abril Pro Rock Festival. Their debut, entitled Nadadenovo, was distributed in April 2004 by OutraCoisa magazine. Since their beginning in April 2001, Mombojó has been collecting important experiences for the actual work of the band. In 2002 Mombojó was in one of the most important festivals in Brazil, and received great reviews from the press for their concert in the 10th Abril Pro Rock. Read more on

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Deixe-se Acreditar - Mombojó
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Duas Cores - Mombojó
A Missa - Mombojó
Adelaide - Mombojó
Discurso Burocrático - Mombojó
O Céu, o Sol e o Mar - Mombojó
Absorva - Mombojó
Faaca - Mombojó
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