Sia - Some People Have Real Problems

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Some People Have Real Problems is Sia's third studio album. It was released on 8 January 2008 and features 13 tracks with Buttons as a hidden one. The Girl You Lost to Cocaine, Day Too Soon and Soon We'll Be Found were also released as singles and have music video. Artist Beck provided backing vocals for Academia and Death By Chocolate Read more on

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Tracks In This Album

Little Black Sandals - Sia
Lentil - Sia
Day Too Soon - Sia
You Have Been Loved - Sia
The Girl You Lost to Cocaine - Sia
Academia - Sia
I Go to Sleep - Sia
Playground - Sia
Death by Chocolate - Sia
Soon We'll Be Found - Sia
Electric Bird - Sia
Beautiful Calm Driving - Sia
Lullaby - Sia
Buttons - Sia