Zohar is a name of at least two acts: 1) A simplification of Zöhar, a UK worldbeat duo of Erran Baron Cohen and Andrew Kremer, who mix Middle Eastern instrumentation with western influences (jazz, orchestral, hip-hop and drum and bass). They débuted with the single "Surrender" (1995, Still Live) and their latest is the album "Onethreeseven" (2001, Ark 21 - aka Zöhar's "Onethreeseven"). Sites: Discogs 2) A Japanese doujin artist who primarily arranges tracks from Chrono Trigger for solo piano. Read more on

world  ambient  jewish  downtempo  klezmer  
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The Merciful One - Zohar
Ehad - Zohar
Shabbat Medley - Zohar
Midnight at the Bazaar - Zohar
Chrono Trigger Wind Scene Concert Paraphrase OC ReMix - Zohar
Angel - Zohar
Ehad (Attaboy remix) - Zohar
Sketches Of Egypt - Zohar
Un Ange En Paix - Zohar
Elokainu - Zohar
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